Scientific Writing

Código: - DIP-027

Carga Horária: - 90 horas

Créditos: - 06 (2T, 4P)

Professor(a) Responsável: - Prof. Dr. Augustín Hernández López

Professor(a) Colaborador(a): -

Tópicos Abordados


1. Thinking Analyticall (Analytical Methods, Interpretation, Argumentation).
2. Writing Analytically (Evidence, Structure, Weak Thesis Statements).
3. Reading Analytically.
4. Common Grammar and Stylistic Tools (Active and Passive Voice, Concision, Clarity, Order/Logic, Extra Tips).
5. Writing a Research Paper (Abstract and Summaries, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results as Text and Figures...).
6. Writing a Grant/Fellowship Application (Differences and Similarities with a Research Paper, Justifications...).
7. Other Pieces of Technical Writing (e.g. Cover Letters, Reviewing Articles.
8. Writing for a Wide/non-specialised Audience.


ALLEY, Michael. The Craft of Scientific Writing. 3 ed. New York, NY: Springer, 1995.
ANDREW, Moore. Writing Science Well. 2015. Wiley (Free ebook -
Writing Analytically by David Rosenwasser and Jill Stephen, Fifth Edition.