The main objectives of the Graduate Program in Ecology and Natural Resources from São Carlos Federal University (PPG-ERN/UFSCar) are to:

  • Foto para o campo Objetivos.JPGOffer high level training for Master and Doctorate students, providing them with the capability to occupy strategic positions in the society for the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Provide students with a solid knowledge background in Ecology, always focusing on the most recent advances of this area.
  • Contribute to the generation of innovative, basic and applied research in Ecology and related disciplines.
    Contribute to the construction of new research, teaching, and extension centers.
  • Support faculties and research groups in the prospection of research funding, which in turn provide students with the best working conditions.
  • Invest in internationalization by attracting highly qualified students of any nationality, and by performing collaborative works with national and international institutions, governmental organizations, and privet sector.
  • Support the dissemination of the results in journals of high scientific impact, and by investing in scientific divulgation through the use of social media, television, magazines, and books.
  • Organize and support the participation of students and faculties in seminars, symposia, congresses, and lecture cycles, as a way to promote information exchange and the development of new ideas.
  • Cooperate with public agencies and the private sector in the application of scientific knowledge in strategic areas of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources, returning the investments in science as benefits for society.