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The Post-Graduate Program in Ecology and Natural Resources was the first Course in Ecology and Environment implemented in Brazil. The academic activities of PPGERN begun in March 1976, based in an academic and research  structure  directed to the studies of the structure and function of ecosystems, both terrestrial and aquatic and to the study of biological diversity including the study of communities and populations with an multidisciplinary approach, integrating information from the different areas of Science.

This Program was initially accredited  in  13/06/1980, by the Federal Education Council , C.F.E. 664/80 document, in the Main  Area of Ecology at the Master Degree according to the that and that the Doctorate would be recognized at a further step when the program had proved consistency of activities in that area.

The main areas proposed when the Program was implemented remained as research sub-areas and the initial proposition and scientific structure of the Program was not altered remaining focused on Ecosystem Ecology. With this approach the first research topics and sub-areas: Limnology, Icthiology, Aquatic and Terrestrial System Interactions; and Ecological Genetics.

 In 1990 the Program was again accredited (C.F.E.document 642/92, 01/12/1992) for both levels, Master in Ecology and natural Resources and Doctorate   in Biological Sciences – Ecology and Natural Resources.


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