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The Biology Area was responsible for the implementation, in 1972, the Full Biological Science Lecturer Course and, in 1975, the Biological Science Bachelor Course with emphasis on Ecology.  In 1975 as a pioneer (innovative) initiative for the country, the lecturers from the Biological Sciences Department and from other areas (Math, Statistics, Computer Sciences) have planned the creation of an interdisciplinary Programs at Master and Doctorate Degrees  in Ecology,  the first to be implemented in Brazil.  At that time it was of fundamental importance the leadership of Prof. Dr. José Galizia Tundisi, the proponent and first coordinator of this Program and also the incentives of Prof. Dr. Heitor Gurgulino de Souza, first Rector of the Federal University of São Carlos and that since the beginning had the objective of creating  Post-Graduation Programs . Equally valuables were the efforts of the Rector and Vice-Rector at the time of PPG ERN Program implementation, Prof. Dr. Luis Edmundo Magalhães and Dr. Edson Pereira dos Santos, respectively.

The topics of research initially proposed remained along these thirty five years as the main research and teaching sub-areas and there was no substantial changes in the Program focus. The development and addition of new research subjects as well as the expressive scientific production compared to the initial proposition of the Program later was evaluated by the Coordination for the Improvement of Human Resources in Education - CAPES – which approved the splitting of PPGERN  into two new Post-Graduate Programs: Genetics and Evolution and Physiological Sciences Program.

Although the infrastructure and human resources were initially limited the PPG ERN had a fast expansion acting as a multiplier of graduate and post graduate programs forming human resources in the Ecology area and related areas in the UFSCar itself and also in other universities of the e country.

The Post Graduate Program of the Federal University of São Carlos (PPG ERN – UFSCar) has as objective to produce highly qualified human resources to perform Teaching, Research and Extension activities to Community sectors in the Area of Ecology and Environment.

The former students of the PPG ERN are prepared to act as multipliers of the knowledge in the Science Ecology in its multifaceted aspects; to meet the enormous challenge of in the shortest time possible contribute effectively to slow down the accelerated process of degradation of non-renewable natural resources nowadays prevalent in this country, and to urgently initiate the implementation of Restoration Practices in degraded ecosystems.

The development of the program had since the beginning the support of coordinators that with defiant and dynamic actions reached a fast qualitative and quantitative advance in the Post Graduate Program in Ecology.


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