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Rules for Admission of Foreign Students in PPGERN

The entrance of foreign students in the program can be made depending on the availability of supervisor according to the following conditions:

 Each regular lecturer (supervisor) can take only 01 (one) foreign student per year, and total student enrollment cannot exceed 03 (three) students per year.

 ·        The foreign student will be free of entrance selection examination in the Master Program if he receives a Scholarship from an agency that made a previous selection and assure its capacity to follow the Program of Studies.

·        Before the enrollment in the Program the foreign candidate must obtain the supervisor and the PPGERN Coordination written agreement being the later  the instance responsible for the  procedures required in the scholarship implementation.

·        The enrollment of the student in the Master Program will occur in July and November of each year requiring the presentation of the following documents:

 1.    A letter from the supervisor asserting the candidate potential based on its Curriculum Vitae analysis;

2.    Research project to be a candidate at the master Program. The project must contain a research and Dissertation development program including the predicted date of conclusion as well as the financial sources for the research;

3.    Analysis and statement of the supervisor regarding the quality of the Research Project (official document of the Program);

4.    Graduate Diploma in Biology or related Areas * ;

5.    Photocopies of personal documents ( Passport and identity cards (if normally available from its country) and two recent photos of standard size;

6.    Curriculum vitae (recent and complete) of candidate;

7.    Official Document from the Scholarship Financial Agency informing the value and period of the Scholarship Concession  for the Master Degree at the PPGERN/UFSCar Program.

 * if obtained in other country: it will have to be revalidated.

  After the Acceptance of the student enrollment in the Program the student will be subjected to all the rules and obligations stated in the Program General Regimen Document in order to obtain the aimed Degree.



 Graduate Diploma and / or Master Diploma revalidated /recognized by corresponding National Institutions

These procedures will have to be initiated by Brazilian Consulate in its Origin Country.

In the case of those Countries in which there are Brazilian International Agreements of Reciprocity or Equivalency, these will be accepted and recognized as predicted by them.


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